Track co-pilot Tripmaster WLAN


Track co-pilot Tripmaster WLAN

Product no.: ZC029T

Track co-pilot Tripmaster WLAN

If you are looking to win a world championship or just a local rally challenge, then the TRACK is the co-pilot for you.

TRACK is compact, lightweight and puts route specific information at your fingertips to enable you to challenge at the highest level.

The wide clear display is easy to read in bright sunlight or at night, it has an easy to navigate menu and a superb keyboard for the gloved hand.

Do not spend time connecting new sensors to your bike, the wireless technology gives all the connectivity you will need, leaving you free to concentrate on the riding!

Heart rate monitor is ideal for the rider that needs to evaluate and improve his performance.

These are just a few of the premium characteristics TRACK gives you, many more will be unveiled soon!


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