V2 SuperMoto - Riding Fun Squared – SuperMoto is characterised by light, playful handling coupled with explosive power delivery. To transfer these characteristics on to the Honda, massive changes were required. Thus the XRV's original 205 kg dry weight could be trimmed to a lean 168 kg. The combination of a torsion-free frame with superior chassis components and a lively and powerful engine provides a surprising riding experience. We embarked on a quest for the perfect compromise between the agility of a single cylinder and the sophistication of a two cylinder bike. What we found was brutal riding fun!


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Aluminium Motor Protection "SUMO"

Product no.: ZM012

fits: all Africa Twin RD07 models - year of construction: '93 - '04

126.50 *

GFK Front-Tank "SUMO" 16,5 l

Product no.: 4000

fits: Honda XRV750 Africa Twin - year of construction: '93 - '04

1,350.00 *
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