XRV 840 Rallye Forte

XRV 840 Rallye Forte

Finest components transform the RD04 base model into a highly competitive rally motorcycle. The dry weight is reduced by a whopping 20 kilograms. The chassis is trimmed for racing performance and significantly exceeds the stability and reserves of the original chassis. Four handling-favourably low-mounted tanks hold a total of 50 litres of fuel and more than double the range of the Forte when compared to the stock bike.


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Air-Filter housing Retrofit

Product no.: UL013

fits: Honda XRV AT Rallye Forte to AT RD03/04 Frame

480.00 *


Product no.: UV700
1,042.00 *

Rear fender kit "Rallye Forte"

Product no.: RK021

Fits for: Honda XRV Africa Twin "Rallye Forte" 

Ps: only in conjunction with rear tanks Art: 8100

340.00 *

GFK Rear Tank - KIT 2x 10l

Product no.: 8100

fits: XRV Africa Twin "Forte"

1,240.00 *
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