HP2 Rallye

HP2 Rallye


AfricanQueens HP2 Rallye - Competetive desert racer and dependable travel companion in one bike.
A dynamically styled, feather-light carbon fairing with modern dual-headlight technology combined with a sleek rear and a low-set front mudguard of the same material enhance the HP2 for fast and energy-preserving handling on long-distance rides - no matter if at racing or travel speeds.


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Electric pump kit

Product no.: 1200HPHP

Suitable for: BMW HP2 / Megamoto rear tank

165.00 *

Air Aspiration Port "Sport Chargers"

Product no.: UL015

fits: BMW Enduro,Megamoto, HP und alle R1100 /1200GS und RS BJ: 2004 - dato

220.90 *

Switch unit rear tank HP2/Megamoto

Product no.: 1200HPHS

Suitable for: BMW HP2/Megamoto rear tank

only for rally conversions because the handlebar fittings have to be repositioned for this

120.00 *

EXCEL Rims Kit BMW Hp2

Product no.: RI1200HP2

fits: BMW HP2 - year of construction: '06 - thitherto

2,249.00 *

Retaining strut for rear Tank

Product no.: 1200HPS

suitable for: BMW HP2 / Megamoto rear frame

170.90 *

PE Rear Tank für BMW HP2 Enduro/Megamoto

Product no.: 1200MH


BMW Megamoto or HP2 with Öhlins or Original strut

530.50 *

Padding Standard - Leather

Product no.: US012HPLE

fits: BMW HP2 / Megamoto

399.90 *


Product no.: UVHP2
1,499.00 *

CARBON cylinder cover set

Product no.: AA080

fix to: BMW R 1200 S/GS/S /HP2/ Megamoto

299.00 *

Carbon Maschine Coverage BMW HP2

Product no.: ZM016

fits: BMW 1200R / 1200ST / HP2 / Megamoto

340.90 *

Öhlins Shocks HRC "Type 3A"

Product no.: OHHP2-3A

fits: BMW HP2 Enduro

1,499.50 *

New Fork Tuning HP2

Product no.: OHUBHP2

fits : BMW HP2

1,195.00 *

Rear fender "Rally light"

Product no.: RK017C

Fits for: BMW 1200 HP2 & Megamoto

315.00 *

Case Carrier "HP2 Slim Twin"

Product no.: ZK031HP

fits: BMW HP2 Enduro/Megamoto

295.90 *

KYB 48 "USD" Fork Kit

Product no.: UF081HP2

fits: BMW 1200 HP2 Enduro/Megamoto

PS: with Megamoto models, the length of the shock absorber must be adjusted.

3,399.50 *

Universal switch

Product no.: 1200HPHSS

suitable for:

Universal ON/OFF switch for handlebars

19.90 *

New Case Carrier "RNT" BMW

Product no.: ZK0RNT

fits: BMW RnT

300.00 *

New 48 "USD" triple clamp kit HP2 BMW

Product no.: UF081HP2B

fits: BMW 1200 HP2 Enduro/Megamoto

not suitable for original (BMW Marzocchi fork)

1,150.90 *

New Rear Frame Side Cover BMW Hp2 Enduro / Megamoto Carbon

Product no.: 1200HPHABC

Fits for: BMW HP2 Enduro / Megamoto 

210.90 / pair(s) *
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