LC8 950/990 Rallye Kappa

LC8 950/990 Rallye Kappa

Rallye Kappa - Turning the LC8 into a true rally bike.

Based on the 950 Adventure, this kit was developed for a rally qualified conversion of KTM's big twin cylinder bike. With our rear tanks the capacity can be increased to a total of 42 litres. To trim the bike's appearance from the front and to create more space for a full rally cockpit, we offer a lighter and more flexible FRP one-piece fairing. The revolutionary exhaust system delivers up to 10 hp higher power output, saves weight and significantly reduces the enormous heat-build-up inside and around the two-cylinder engine.

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Padding - Leather

Product no.: US012OR

fits: KTM950 Adventure / S

349.50 *

Complete Leather Comfort "Orange"

Product no.: US019OR

fits: KTM950 Adventure / S

489.00 *


Product no.: UV900
1,142.00 *

AQ Complete Exhaust System Rallye "INOX" oval with EG BE

Product no.: ZS030RK

fits: KTM LC8 - 950 Adventure & /S

Please state the year of construction when ordering !!!!

1,795.00 *

AQ RACE Tangential Manifold System KTM LC8

Product no.: ZS030RKT

fits: KTM LC8 - 950-990 Adventure & /S


1,260.00 *

GFK Rear Tank - KIT 2x10l

Product no.: 8200

fits: KTM 950/990 LC8

1,195.89 *

GFK Rear Wheel Case

Product no.: 8200MT

fits: KTM 950 LC8

255.00 *
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