Exhaust Accessories

Exhaust Accessories

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Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps 40 - 43mm

Product no.: ZS015A

fits: Universal

17.00 *

Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps 44 - 47mm

Product no.: ZS015

fits: Universal

17.00 *

Exhaust Dam Wool Silent Sport 400g

Product no.: ZS100

fits: Universal

24.50 *

AQ Muffler Adapter Pipe "Low"

Product no.: ZS016

fits: Honda XRV750 Africa Twin - year of construction: '93 - '04

NOT appropriate for the original Muffler !!

130.00 *

AQ Stainless Steel Catalytic Converter Insert

Product no.: ZSKAT

fits: Only for the AQ Mufflers !!

100.00 *

AQ Muffler Adapter Pipe "MEGAMOTO"

Product no.: ZS016MEGA

fits: BMW Megamoto 1200

199.50 *

New Slip On KAT for AQ-Exaust

Product no.: ZSKATCRF

fits Honda CRF 1000L

65.90 *
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